Visiting a Route 66 Landmark: The Midpoint Cafe in Texas

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It may not seem like much, but the Midpoint Cafe in Texas was one of my favorite stops along Route 66. When we were driving Route 66 for the very first time, we were making a cross-country road trip to move all our belongings to Los Angeles. We packed our cars to the brim, and drove for five days, taking as much time as we needed along the way (within reason) to see the sites on Route 66. The Midpoint Cafe was a point of celebration. It signified that we were halfway through our journey, but that we still had a long road of fun ahead of us.

The Midpoint Cafe in Adrian Texas along Route 66

The Midpoint Cafe can be a quick stop: jump out of the car, snap some photos with the sign, and keep on rolling. But it can also be a place where you take your time, grab a bite to eat, maybe pick up a souvenir, and talk to the other travelers you’re bound to run into here.

Location along Route 66

The Midpoint cafe is located in Adrian, Texas, at 305 West Historic Route 66. At the time this post was published, they are opened every day from 8am to 5pm. At this stop, there is a perfect sign to take a photo with, there is a patch of road painted with the Route 66 emblem. The Cafe itself is your typical roadside diner, but also has a gift shop inside where you can grab a souvenir.

The Midpoint of Route 66 in Adrian Texas

Where to Stay Near the Midpoint Cafe

If the Midpoint Cafe is your last stop of the evening, you can easily find lodging in Amarillo, Texas, located 50 miles to the East. Check out the Days Inn, Drury Inn, or Holiday Inn for a great stay in Amarillo.

If you’re headed in the opposite direction, you can find lodging in Tucumcari, New Mexico, which is 65 miles to the West. Check out the Holiday Inn Express, Best Western, or Fairfield Inn.

Ready to book? Start here:

When we were in Amarillo, we stayed at a Days Inn in a quiet part of town. It wasn’t the best for walking and seeing what Amarillo has to offer, but they had food and they had a place for us to sleep, and we were happy to take some time to relax.

Where to Eat Near the Midpoint Cafe

The obvious and most convenient place to grab a bite to eat is at the Midpoint Cafe itself. Burgers, sandwiches, and pies are all specialties here. If you’re looking to venture out a little further (but really, why would you?) there are plenty of options in surrounding towns, anything from locally crafted Mexican food to your uniformed fast food favorites.

The sign at the midpoint cafe on route 66

The Midpoint Cafe won’t take much more than an hour of your time, if you give it your full attention, but it is one of the most memorable stops along the Mother Road. If you stop here, you’re guaranteed to get a picture-perfect photo for your wall, and have another great stop along Route 66 to tell stories about.

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