Three Apps that Can Make Your Next Trip to Vegas More Affordable

A trip to Las Vegas is exactly what you make it. If you want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a week-long getaway, Vegas would be more than happy to accommodate this dream. However, if you’re looking to save big on a trip to Las Vegas (or even make it one of the most cost-efficient trips you take this year) then you’re in luck, because Vegas lets you do that too!

There are three apps you can download today that will make your next trip to Las Vegas significantly cheaper (we saved hundreds using app #1!) and all three of them can be downloaded completely free!

1. MyVegas Slots

MyVegas Slots is a phone or Facebook App that you can download and play, completely free, to earn real rewards that can be used during your stay in Las Vegas! This is my absolute favorite App for our Las Vegas vacations. I love it so much, I wrote an entire post about it!

You can check that post out right here: If you Can’t Afford to Travel, Travel to Las Vegas.

Kelly Blick in the 180-degree-view tunnel inside the aquarium at Mandalay Bay.  A shark swims by in the background.
Our tickets to Mandalay Bay’s Aquarium were completely free, thanks to the MyVegas App! (Can you tell I was excited to be hanging out with the sharks?)

2. Amazon Prime Now

Food is expensive in Vegas. Like, really expensive. We grabbed two burger baskets and two cups of water at Wahlburgers on the Strip and managed to get rung up with a $65 bill. (Again I say, two burgers, two sides, and two waters cost us $65!!!)

If you’re flying to Vegas from out of town, bringing food along is not an option, but ordering groceries is!

We are already Amazon Prime members, and the Prime Now service is included with your Prime Membership…but you will need to download a separate app. Once you’ve downloaded Prime Now, you can get groceries delivered right to your hotel within two hours.

Refrigerators and Microwaves will cost you extra on your final hotel bill, so we stuck to snacks that didn’t need to be kept cold or heated up. Bananas, apples, granola or protein bars, bread, and peanut butter. We also added in some muffins for our morning breakfast. These made for quick and easy on-the-go meals during our stay, allowing us to limit our expenses (and caloric intake) to one buffet per day. A perfect way to make your money go further in Las Vegas!

Our admission to the High Roller’s “Happy Half Hour” open bar ferris wheel was purchased at an extreme discount thanks to our Groupon!

3. Groupon

Checking Groupon is a must before any trip, but it is especially crucial in Las Vegas. Vegas is a city full of experiences, and Groupon is the king of discounted tickets.

Our most favorite Groupon find? Two extremely discounted tickets to the Open Bar Ferris Wheel, better known as The High Roller. The greatest way to kick off our weekend in Vegas!

Do you have any favorite apps to use while you’re in Las Vegas? Do you have any tips to get the most for your money on your next trip? I’d love it if you shared with me in the comments!

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