Mini-Moon: Mammoth Caves National Park

Jason and I took a quick get-away to Mammoth Caves National Park in Kentucky for the two days following our Wedding.  It was a much-needed reset after all the hectic-ness for the previous five days, getting us ready to get back to reality (working.) And keeping us sane just long enough to make it to our real Honeymoon in September.

Cave City, KY is not only home to Mammoth Caves National Park, it’s also home to one of the last three remaining Wigwam Village Motels.  After our stay in Cave City, we have officially been to all three Wigwam Motels.

Wigwam Village #2: 
Mammoth Caves National Park official Page:
List of Tours of the Cave Winter of 2018-2019:

Tours we did:
Violet City Lantern Tour – Tour is held completely by lantern light to give visitors the experience of what it was like to tour this cave when it first opened.  It’s amazing just how much you can see without electricity.  We got to carry one of the lanterns.  I didn’t at all feel like we were missing out on anything by having less light.  It was a truly unique experience.  (3 miles; 3 hours – no bathrooms or water fountains available on this route)
Grand Avenue Tour – The most bang for your buck.  You can see four miles of this incredible cave in an afternoon.  This tour moves very fast, but this gives you a really good idea of just how drastically the terrains change as you move throughout the cave.  This is not to be missed.

Trouble hearing? You’re not alone.  I often find myself frustrated on large group tours like these because unless I am able to have the better ear positioned in close proximity to the tour guide, I often miss most if not all of what is being shared.  In the past, this has caused me to sit out from activities like these or get frustrated when I do attend.  Mammoth Caves National Park was THE BEST when it came to helping accommodate this so I had a great experience. They offer listening assist devices completely free of charge at the information desk.  Just ask for a device, and they’ll hook your tour guide up with a microphone so you can hear everything crystal clear.  I couldn’t believe the difference this made on our tours.  I was so happy to not have to lean over to Jason at every stop and say “So what did she say after _____?”  Please do not hesitate to grab one of these devices for your tour.  It makes all the difference.

Interested in Staying at the Wigwam Village Motel in Cave City? Check out my post here to find out more about this must-see spot!

Everything You Need to Know About Visiting the Wigwam Village Motel in Cave City, KY

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